WWE PPV Royal Rumble 2015

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WWE PPV Royal Rumble 2015

So, Royal Rumble 2015 is finally upon us, and we here at BTM are stoked!! Let’s do a run down on how we see things playing out with the individual matches along with who we think some surprise entrants are for the actual Rumble.

  1. PRE-SHOW – The New Day Vs. Cesaro, Tyson Kidd & Adam Rose
    Now, I’m a HUGE fan of Tyson & Cesaro, they are working great as a tag team and I see them going far. On the flip side, The New Day bring the fun side of wrestling back and I think they can have a great career together. Solid problem.
  2. Paige & Natalya Vs. The Bella Twins
    This will set up a future rivalry for the belt from either Paige or Natalya (or both), but sadly, as much as I want Paige and Nattie to win, I think the Bellas will take it.
    PREDICTED WINNER: The Bella Twins
  3. Tag Team Championship Match: The Usos Vs. The Miz & Damien Mizdow
    This is a tough call. I can see this going both ways, and in both ways I see it as the start of the rift between Miz and Mizdow with (hopefully) a culmination in a Wrestlemania match. Personally, the Miz and Mizdow win, with Mizdow getting the pin is where I’m putting my money. But really, I can see Usos winning too.
    PREDICTED WINNER: Either or really.
  4. Heavyweight Championship Match: Brock Lesner Vs. John Cena Vs. Seth Rollins
    Another tough call. There’s a lot of variables here. Will Seth cash in? Will Sting show up? Will it just be a flat out Lesner win? As far as I’m aware, Lesner’s contract holds up until Wrestlemania, so… Ok…
    PREDICTED WINNER: Safe bet: Cena wins, Rollins cashes in immediately after. Long Shot: Lesner retains with HHH/Sting distraction, Rollins goes to cash in, but fails due to Ambrose interference.
  5. Tag Team Match: Ascension Vs. The New Age Outlaws
    Any one expecting Road Dogg and Billy to win, are most likely in for a surprise. In reality, this is the push the Ascension needs to be put over as heels and I look forward to it. They’re great talent who can  do a lot. I look forward to seeing them rise.
    PREDICTED WINNERS: The Ascension
  6. Royal Rumble
    So we know whose in so far:

    -Roman Reigns
    -Daniel Bryan
    -Bad News Barrett
    -Bray Wyatt
    -Dean Ambrose
    -Big Show
    -The Miz
    -Damien Mizdow
    -Dolph Ziggler
    -Luke Harper

Most Likely In:
– Kofi Kingston
– Sheamus
– Randy Orton
– Bo Dallas
– Ray Mysterio (rumored)
– Dudly Boyz (rumored)
– DDP (rumored)

Who We Want In:
– Finn Balor
– Samy Zayn
-Adrian Neville
– Really, any NXT stars are more than welcome.

As to whose going to win, I have no idea. Money is on Daniel Bryan or Roman Reigns, but I don’t think that’ll happen. If it’s Bryan, it’s because they’re planning to split Raw and Smackdown and Bryan will be the champion of Smackdown. Beyond that, I would love to see someone from NXT come up in a surprise victory. Like Finn Balor. Otherwise, give it to Ziggler.

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