What’s up peoples!! Here’s my predictions for what’s going happen. I may not like it all, but its what I think going down. Enjoy and join us on Facebook for our live commentary!



Really, I have no idea. Battle Royal’s are prime to shake things up. So really, I’m just going to go down the list and talk about the possibilities of someone winning or not. AND, don’t forget there’s always some additional people who get thrown in who can flip the table on any storyline. So yeah….

The participants announced for the match are as follows:

Cesaro – Possible victor. He has steam and it would help solidify Heyman’s position, he’s also gotten kind of stale as of late, so yeah, I’d put him close to the top.

Kofi Kingston – I would seriously love it if Kofi won, but I’m a fan of Kofi. I don’t see it happening sadly. He’s more of the stable mid-card performer.

The Great Khali – Please god no. That is all.

Rob Van Dam – I don’t think RVD will take it. He’s not presenting as well as he used to. Solid fighter but not belt worthy in my opinion.

Dolph Ziggler – Would it be amazing? Hell yes. Does he deserve it? Hell yes. Will it happen? Most likely not. But we can hope.

Big E – I don’t see it happening, he’s building a thing with Rusev right now, so I think that’ll be more important than giving him another belt.

Ryback – Not happening. He’s got potential, but he’s wasting away in tag team things. So yeah.

Curtis Axel – See Ryback*

Alberto Del Rio – Possible. We can see it happening.

Bo Dallas – I want to say no, but he’s in the running. I mean, you can easily start an ego trip champion story line with him. Potentially very fun.

Sheamus – Double belts? Would be cool. Maybe to unify the belts if that’s what they wanted, but I don’t see it happening

Fandango – Nah.

Sin Cara – What has he be doing lately?

Zack Ryder – They didn’t fire him??? Oh…

The Miz – Again, another possibility, would make for a good Jericho Vs. Miz at summerslam for the belt. With how much they’ve been mentioning Jericho’s 9 times holding the belt, and the starting of a feud when Jericho came back, I can see that one more and more.

Diego – No.

R-Truth – Don’t see it.

Xavier Woods – Again, no. BUT with having Xavier, R, Kofi, Titus and Big E all in one match, I’m reviving my theory on the Nation of Domination returning soon with Big E at the helm. Just sayin.

Heath Slater – Umm.. going with no.

Titus O’Neil – Will bring the bad ass power and the shouts you want, but it’s not really him. Sad, he can do so much.

There we go. What do you think?




So this is an interesting build up. This ‘overly nice’ storyline thing to me says that Paige is going to take the belt back in a surprise move. But, my lady here thinks AJ will retain and build something bigger for Summerslam.




The USOS vs. WYATT FAMILY (tag team championships)

Wyatts win!! This is what is needed. Time to shake up the tag scene, and with Goldust and Stardust building up strong, it’s needed. Even if the Wyatts lose it at Summerslam, it still needs to happen. – This will be the ‘surprise ending no one’s expecting’ but no one will be surprised.




As this is the second go’round for USA vs. RUSSIA, it’s time for USA to win. If Rusev wins, it’ll turn people off and people will get bored/angry/passive about it. At least my opinion anyways, but hey, I’m Canadian, so yeah.





SO either Jericho loses and everyone freaks out and it’s a build up to Jericho vs. Bray vs. Insert-Title-Belt-Champion-Here at Summerslam – OR Jericho Wins and everyone freaks out and it’s a build up to a killer match as Summerslam.. probably for a belt. Either way it’s going to be a hell of a match and I can’t wait. You can always rely on Jericho to give it his all and I can see Bray finally be able to let loose and show what he’s got.



It’s going to be epic. Very high flying and full of crazy things. Good chance that Rollins will take it with a build up to Summerslam. Either way, I’m expecting to see both men put on a hell of a killer show and if it ends by disqualification with Kane or Orton coming out, I will be pissed.




JOHN CENA vs. RANDY ORTON vs. KANE vs. ROMAN REIGNS (world heavyweight championship)

OK, let’s just get this out of the way before I have fun with the possibilities: LOLCENAWINS. There. That’s 90% chance of happening so they build up a Lesner vs. Cena match for summerslam. I am not happy about this, but, chances are this is what’s going to happen.

That being said let’s play out what could happen:

ORTON WINS: splits up the authorities goons, Kane and Orton get it on for a bit until Lesner appears at summerslam.

KANE WINS: Would make for a killer face turn on HHH. Good times.

REIGNS WINS: This is what EVERYONE wants. It’s going to build up more, it’s not time for him, but damn it would be one hell of a way to end the PPV.

SURPRISE: ROLLINS comes out and cashes in on whom ever and the Authority wins, building to Summerslam friction. But seriously, Cena is going to win…. Ugh…

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