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Alternative Era - Dolph Ziggler
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*Ok, I think Dolph is awesome. He’s got fantastic charisma and knows how to not only wrestle, but work the crowds. I seriously believe they need to utilize him again. He’s got that way to bring people in and enjoy themselves. – Alt Era


In September 2007, Nemeth was assigned to Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW), where he formed a tag team with Brad Allen. The pair won the FCW Florida Tag Team Championship once, and Nemeth later won the championship for the second time with Gavin Spears as his partner. He returned to Raw as Ziggler in September 2008, and was drafted to the SmackDown brand in April 2009. At the SmackDown tapings on July 28, Ziggler won the WWE Intercontinental Championship for the first time. He held the championship for five months, until January 2011. He was awarded, and lost, the World Heavyweight Championship on February 15, 2011. That March Ziggler returned to the Raw roster, and won the WWE United States Championship for the first time three months later. He won the 2012 Money in the Bank contract, granting him a future World Heavyweight Championship opportunity; Ziggler successfully defended the contract against John Cena in the main event of the 2012 TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs pay-per-vew event, and cashed it in on April 8, 2013 to win his second World Heavyweight Championship.

  • Finishing moves
    • Blonde Ambition (Leaping reverse STO) – FCW
    • Sleeper hold, sometimes with bodyscissors – 2010–2012; used as a signature move thereafter
    • Superkick – 2012; used as a signature move thereafter
    • Zig Zag (Jumping reverse bulldog)
  • Signature moves
    • Dropkick sometimes from the top rope
    • Headlock, sometimes while performing a headstand 
    • Jumping elbow drop with theatrics, sometimes preceded by multiple elbow drops)
    • Jumping DDT
    • Multiple neckbreaker variations
      • Neck snap
      • Standing
      • Swinging
    • Namedropper(Leg drop bulldog)
    • Scoop powerslam, sometimes inverted
    • Shoulder jawbreaker
    • Sitout facebuster, sometimes from the top rope
    • Stinger splash, sometimes followed by multiple punches to a cornered opponent


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