Superstar Profile: Bayley

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Without a doubt, Bayley is one of the best ‘Face’ female wrestler in the business.

It’s almost impossible to not fall in love with this woman. Not only is her athleticism incredible but her attitude is infectious. That’s a fact.

“NXT Superstar Bayley has had a love affair with wrestling since she was an 11-year-old girl. An admitted superfan, this bashful competitor is full of talent and enthusiasm. At age 18, Bayley began training for her eventual pathway to NXT. With a background in sports such as track, basketball and martial arts, along with a love for juggling and pogo sticking, it seems the world of WWE was a natural fit.

Prior to joining the ranks of NXT, the California-born Superstar competed for some of the most respected independent wrestling organizations in the United States and Canada. To this day, Bayley admits to still experiencing the excitement she felt as a young girl whenever she steps into the ring. It’s a sentiment she hopes to share with the WWE and NXT Universe for years to come.

After coming up just shy of winning the NXT Women’s Title on numerous occasions, NXT’s most huggable Superstar earned the No. 1 contender status by defeating Becky Lynch on Aug. 12, earning her championship opportunity against Sasha Banks at the historic NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn. In front of a sold-out Barclays Center, Bayley showed why she deserved to be considered among the best in NXT, defeating Sasha in an epic encounter that brought Brooklyn to capture the NXT Women’s Championship.

Bayley made history at NXT TakeOver: Respect by defeating Sasha Bank in the first women’s 30-Minute WWE Iron Man Match in history. She followed that up with an impressive victory over Nia Jax at NXT TakeOver: London.

Regardless of where she ranks in the NXT women’s division, Bayley can always count on the full support of the NXT Universe.”

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From WWE

  • Finishing moves
    • Bayley-to-Belly Suplex/ Hug-plex (Belly-to-belly suplex, sometimes from the second rope)
    • Guillotine choke, with bodyscissors[56][61] — 2015; used as a signature move thereafter
  • Signature moves
    • Bayleycanrana (Super frankensteiner, sometimes inverted)
    • Diving back elbow, sometimes while performing a corkscrew
    • Exploder suplex, sometimes into the ring turnbuckle
    • German suplex
    • Headscissors armbar, to a bent over opponent
    • Japanese arm drag
    • Multiple running double axe handles, sometimes to an oncoming opponent
    • Multiple running back elbows, to a cornered opponent
    • Multiple turnbuckle head smashes, with theatrics
    • Neck wrench, sometimes while applying a modified surfboard stretch
    • Over the shoulder front powerslam, transitioned from a cornered opponent
    • Springboard elbow drop, to a tree of woe hung opponent
    • Running corner clothesline
    • Running knee drop
    • Running one-handed bulldog, sometimes to a kneeling opponent
    • Running sliding clothesline, to a seated opponent
    • Running spinning back elbow, to a seated opponent’s back
    • Running baseball slide dropkick, under the bottom turnbuckle
    • Slip ‘N Slide[80] (Spinning on top of a face-down opponent)
    • Springboard corkscrew arm drag
  • Entrance themes
    • “Boyfriend” (instrumental) by Richard Harris & Robert J Walsh (NXT; June 11, 2013 – September 11, 2014)
    • “Turn It Up” by CFO$ (NXT; September 11, 2014–present)



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