For fans, by a fan

For fans, by a fan

What the Hell is Book The Match?

Created by one huge fan of Sports Entertainment, this is a simple solution to something every fan does. Think we know how WWE is going to book matches. Now is your chance to prove how much you know and win some prizes in the process!

You can play for free, or if you want to join some of the higher Tier contests, you can easily purchase more points. It’s completely up to you!

So, wait, what do I do?

Make sure to register for your free account and 100 points. Click here or use the menu to go to the contest page. Pay the 50 credits and make your picks using the survey on the page. Sumbit and boom you’re done!

That’s nice. How do I get more points to spend?

A couple different ways:

1. Daily contests on our facebook page award points to random people when they share a specific post.

2. Play our games! head over to out Games Page and play some games. Each week the top scores will receive Points as a prize, so get that top score.

3. random things will reward points. Sharing posts, bringing in new people, etc. Keep your eyes out for them!

4. Pay for them. 250 points for $5.00 and up.

What do I do with all these points I’ve won?

You can use them to enter higher Tier contests, or even use them in our store! That’s right, pay for things using points. Seriously doesn’t get better than that.

Bottom line

Enjoy yourself, have fun. I’m always updating things and trying to make this site the best it can be. So, jump into the forums, start a convo, let me know if you find something wrong!

Join on social media and let’s build this community!

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